Bluestar Appliance Repair & Service

Bluestar Appliance Repair & Service in San Diego

Bluestar Appliance Repair & Service

When the first set of appliances came out, the world was shocked! It was every man’s desire for himself. But why this obsession, you ask? That’s because appliances have improved the quality of domestic life! From cleaning to keeping your food safe enough to eat the next day, appliances help us be happy and comfortable every day.

However, there is a problem. When the world first saw the appliances, they never thought that they can break. They seemed indestructible! But like all things, appliances have their own time limit.

How Long Can Your Appliances Last

Every appliance depreciates, but each type and brand has its own depreciation period. For example, gas ranges have a life expectancy of 15 years. On the other hand, dryers and refrigerators only last for about 13 years.

Over time, your appliances will need maintenance and repairs so they can keep functioning. But if you want to keep your appliance working at its best, not just any repairman will do. You will need a technician. But even before we get to that, it is important to be choosy when buying home appliances. Brands go a long way in determining how long your appliance will last and how effective it will be. Speaking of brands, BlueStar stands out as one of the most coveted brands in the home and kitchen appliance category. With over 130 years of market resilience and high-end service delivery, it is clear to see why BlueStar has earned itself such a huge repetition.

BlueStar is a brand that is synonymous with endurance, elegant design and high efficiency. This means that the last thing you would want is to have any appliance made from this brand to develop faults. But when your cherished BlueStar finally develops faults, rest assured you have a safe pair of hands in us. Our company deals in the repair, maintenance and the servicing of this reputable appliance brand as we believe BlueStar appliances come in great value that needs to be preserved at all cost.

Why You Should Have Your BlueStar Appliance Repaired By Us

We are composed of competent and skilled technicians who have seen and fixed almost everything in the field. Our team is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of different appliances under this great brand. We make sure to come on time to do the repairs then leave your house with a smile on your face and a well-functioning appliance.

In every repair job, we use the most excellent spare parts on the market. We use manufacturer replacement parts with warranties so that you can replace these parts when needed. If you worry about us not having the right parts, our inventory has 95% of the parts available in the market. We make sure that we cover every kind BlueStar appliances there are.

What makes us different from any ordinary appliance repair service is that we are prepared for emergencies. Our trucks are equipped with radios and component for emergency service calls from our patrons. We also try to make sure to be environmentally friendly by providing our trucks with refrigerant recovery units. These units prevent refrigerants from venting into the atmosphere.

What Kind of Repairs Do We Specialize In

Our services include a wide variety of major appliances. Here are some of the common BlueStar tools that we routinely do maintenance and repairs.


A well functioning washer is key to beautiful and fragrant clothes. You will hate to have a broken washer a day before your first job interview. Luckily, we are prepared for emergency calls so you can wear your clothes to your interview without a worry.


A dryer can last for 13 years, but that does not mean it will not need some maintenance and repairs. Our team can come over and evaluate your dryer to see if it needs some repairs or part changes.


Faulty wiring may cause a massive fire in our home, so be warned! Always keep the maintenance of your stove up-to-date with the help of our team. The repairs are worth it once you know that you won’t burn the house down the next time you cook.


Microwave ovens have one of the shortest life expectancy of appliances: 9 years. And to be honest, buying a new microwave oven is pretty pricey, especially if you are dealing with a household name such as BlueStar. Our team can help fix your oven to last you at least another good decade.


Unfortunately, the life expectancy of any good dishwasher is 9 years. To keep it functional and running for another nine years, have our technicians do maintenance on your dishwasher. It will save you time, money, and a drive to the store to buy a new, bulky dishwasher.


Having to wake up in the morning water under your fridge and damaged goods inside of it is a total nightmare. To make sure your refrigerator won’t bail you over the night, hire our services! Our team will perform an evaluation and needed repairs to keep your refrigerator cold and running.


You can’t have lemonade without ice! Rest assured that your freezer is working by having a technician assess your appliance. If there’s something wrong, we make sure you know and never hear it again!

We not only do repairs but our team of professionals may also offer pertinent advice on some of the most common problems with BlueStar appliances. Even better, we are also experienced in repairing appliances of different brands aside from Bluestar.

So, if there’s anything out of place in your appliances, you know who to call.