Ice Machine Repair In San Diego

ice mashine repair in San Diego

Ice Maker Repair

Ice creams are things that your customers never stop coming to get them from your shop. Therefore it is crucial to maintain your customers for more profits. San Diego Commercial Kitchen is there to offer you a solution to maintain your customers by providing commercial ice machine repair services. We do all repairs concerning commercial ice makers regardless of the type. Save money by ensuring your commercial ice machine is in a good condition. Different machines are prone to different break-downs and problems which we fix.

Types of Commercial Ice Machines

Flake ice machine

It has a hermetic compressors and F-series ice generator which produce flacked ice. The flake commercial ice machine comes in one stand and has many parts where a failure in one part can bring great damages in the whole system. Thus we offer commercial ice machine repair services to cater for faults in such ice makers.

Half-cube ice maker

The machine makes good profits due to its ability to displace more liquid and pack more tightly into glass. Therefore to maintain your productivity we repair the Half-cube ice makers where you can contact us at any time.

Full dice ice maker

The machine is commonly known as full-cube. It looks alike as the 7/8″ cube. The full-cube serves well for mass production of ice where it is prone to various mechanical hitches which we repair.

Nugget ice machine

This commercial ice maker produces nugget-shaped ice which are good for soft drinks. San Diego Commercial Kitchen repairs any problems causing malfunctions to this machine.

These commercial ice machines are expensive to install hence you don’t have to wait until your machine breaks down fully. It’s is good to maintain your machine in a good condition for optimum production of ice. Therefore incase you notice any fault in your machine it is advisable that you request for commercial ice machine repair services. At San Diego Commercial Kitchen we repair any of these commercial ice makers. We value your business hence you can call us incase you notice any fishy thing about your machine where we will check it and inform you on the problem.

Common problems that face commercial ice makers

You don’t have to wait until your commercial ice machine breaks down fully because this may cost you more money. Therefore it is crucial to ask for repair services whenever you notice a problem with the productivity of your machine. If you notice a worn plating in your ice maker, it is good to have it replaced because we do the repair at affordable prices which is cheaper than waiting for the machine to fully be spoilt. Also an interrupted water supply is a cause of alarm since the machine should have a consistent water supply for quality ice production.

Scale build up on the evaporator and on water distribution components is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately for optimum output. You don’t have to worry because we provide quality commercial ice machine repair services to any problems concerning any type of commercial ice machine. If you experience any problems with the control just contact us for immediate support and service.

San Diego Commercial Kitchen cares for your business that’s why we focus on providing quality commercial ice machine repair services to our clients.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in this field of commercial ice machines. This assures you that we value your money hence we give you good repair services to ensure that your machine is well maintained to serve your for a long period of time.

Our technicians are also trustworthy people and maintain cleanliness in your workplace. Time is also a factor that we take into consideration in that we respond to your call as soon as possible to avoid delays in your production. Our work rate is high to ensure that your machine is fixed in time.

Commercial ice machine break-downs can be caused by dirt in the water or air aspects parts of the ice makers. You should take great caution to dirtiness of your machine. However in occurrence of such a problem we do it proficiently and advice you on the maintenance of your machine.

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