Maytag Appliance Repair In San Diego

Maytag Corporation is one of the leading home and commercial appliances manufactures. In fact it is among the top 3 companies in North America offering a full line of washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, and cook tops, refrigerators among others. It started more than 100 years ago as washing machine manufacturing company and grown over the years to become Americas leading and most trusted brand in almost all home appliances. Maytag offers home appliances such as Air conditioner and dehumidifier. For kitchen appliances they offer refrigerator, stove, wall oven, and microwave among others. For laundry products they offer dryer, front load washers, top load washers and stackable washers among others.

Maytag Appliance Service in San Diego

Maytag appliances are made with a lot of dedication and hard work, when you bring home a, May tag you are bringing in a helper in your house that many Americans have used and trusted for over a century. The appliances are built with a lot of technical skills that cannot be handled by anyone who does not have knowledge on the technicality of these appliances. This is the reason why May tag has professionals who offer servicing and repairs to their products.

When to call

As soon as you notice any change in how your appliance works or the appliance doesn’t work as indicated , then this is the right time to call us. Do not wait too long as this may cause further damage to your appliance or may void your warranty in extreme cases. The process is pretty easy, all you need to do is book the appointment, the nearest available technician will come to you repair; explain the problem and you will immediately use your appliance. You will then be covered by a 90 days satisfaction guarantee. The following are some of the Maytag appliance service offered.

Maytag Stove repair and service.

This is the most important appliance in the kitchen because without it, there is simply no home cooked meal. Our stoves are of very good quality but may have complications here and there.
Here are some of the most common problems with a stove.
Gas leaks.
Unresponsive dials.
Malfunctioning burners.
Busted auto ignition.
Corrosion of some of the metallic parts of the stove.
Faulty sensors on the stove
Faulty wiring in the stove.

Our technicians are well trained to detect any of the above problems and solve them accordingly. We can also do a full serving which entails.
Replacing the light bulb
Replacement of bad elements
Replace heating elements.

Maytag Oven repair and service

A Maytag stove is pretty easy to use but it can cause such a headache once it becomes faulty. The most common problems with it could be;
Faulty sensors.
Faulty heating elements
Non responsive digital displays
Non moving doors
Gas leaks.
Worn out electrical cords.

Once our technicians are there, they will quickly detect the problem and solve it as soon as possible, they also offer a Maytag appliance service to your oven that will include;

Replacement of sensors
Replacement of electrical cords.
Greasing of doors.
Updating oven’s digital displays
Replacing worn out electrical cords.


Our dryers are one of the best in the country, but again they could need repairs. The most common problems with our dryers are.

Noisy dryers
Faulty tumble
Too much wrinkling of clothes
Heating up too much
No heat produced when the dryer is turned on
Not drying clothes
Not turning on.

Our technicians here at Maytag are trained to handle all the above situations and also offer servicing to a dryer that includes.

Vent cleaning
Replacement of faulty parts
Checking for leaks.

These are just a few of the major appliances that may need repair. Remember our services are not just limited to the above problems, even if your appliances’ problems fall out of the mentioned the best option is to give us a call and we will be right there. It is also important to schedule regular Maytag appliance service for your appliance to ensure its longevity. Our contact details are available online and we are always at your service.

Maytag intends to continue serving America for another hundred years and it is you the clients who have made the first hundred years. Our priority is our clients and that is why we work tirelessly to ensure you get value for your money.

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