Pacific Beach Appliance Repair

There’s no denying that the human kind today is dependent on technology more than ever. It’s such an integral part of our lives that we sometimes don’t even realize how reliant we are. I think our day-to-day life would almost come to a standstill if gods forbid we had to function without it even for a day. I mean, can you imagine your refrigerator not working or your dishwasher for that matter, I don’t even want to think about the dryer.

Now, how many days, or should I say hours, you think can survive without one the domestic apparatuses listed above? Think about all the inconvenience, where are you going to store all the leftover or frozen food if the refrigerator decides to start acting up, who’s going to do all the dishes from the other night? And considering we are no technicians, I am pretty sure we are going to need some help. That’s exactly where Pacific Beach Repair steps in, your one-stop fix to all your appliance repair troubles.

Pacific Beach Appliance Repair

A company initiated with an aim of bringing quick, superior quality appliance repair service to every doorstep, Pacific Beach Appliance Repair has been working towards this goal for years now. And honestly, their popularity in the Pacific Beach community is a testimony that they are not doing badly either. The firm specialises in dealing with household appliances and offers prompt and dependable repair and maintenance services. They try and attend to every customer personally with utmost attention and understand that their success is dependent on the quality of services and customer satisfaction.

People Behind the scene

Pacific Beach Appliance Repair pays great attention while hiring their technicians. They have to go through a long gruelling recruitment process where they are analysed on the basis of their knowledge and experience. This long process guarantees certified and trained technicians, with loads of experience as part of their team. Most of their handy-man have a prior experience of working with the biggies of the appliance industry like LG, Dacor, Viking, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Hotpoint, Sub-Zero, and Magic Chef Etc. This certifies that they have brand-specific specialisations as well. Also, because people have spent huge bucks and treat these domestic apparatuses as an investment, it’s always nice to give them to somebody who knows what they are doing. The firm deals in dryers, stove, oven, freezer, refrigerator and dishwasher. Hence, has got your entire house covered.


Here at Pacific Beach Appliance Repair, they never compromise when it comes to equipments because every equipment and every customer deserves the best. Also, they carry manufacturer replacement products, hence, no generic parts for your beloved refrigerator and dryer.

How cool is that? All this is accredited to an in-house inventory which has about 95% percent of the parts that they might need while working on a plethora of appliances. Also, another very cool feature is that they have the trucks pre-equipped with components that generally tend to cause trouble with that particular type of device. This allows the technicians to provide the best service that too in minimum time; they might not even have to take the apparatus along.

Features of Pacific Beach Appliance Repair

Budget-friendly Services

Pacific Beach Appliance Repair offers their superior repair and maintenance services at relatively lower prices, so much so that you can easily score a difference of about 10% by choosing them over their competitors. Also, they offer up to 5 years of warranty on most of the replaced spare parts. Hence, if something is not right, you can always come back and get it fixed without paying a single penny.

Quick and Convenient Scheduling

Pacific Beach Appliance Repair offers 24*7 customer care service, open on even holidays and weekends. They have a standby technician all ready to guide you through the emergencies that might strike even on an off day. There guidance sometimes can be life saving. For example, in case of water leaks or maybe anything else that is capable of ruining your home.

5-year Warranty

The firm understands that sometimes a malfunctioned appliance can completely disrupt the normal functioning of a household and unavailability of the needed spare part can delay the repair and maintenance process even more. Hence, they try their best to avoid any further inconvenience. While in the majority of cases, the appliances always function as they should after the repair, if something seems off or not right, you can always send it back and get it fixed. The 5-year warranty allows you to get them changed for no cost.

I believe the reasons listed above and Pacific Beach Appliance Repair’s friendly customer dealing has made them a community favourite. They have a huge clientele in the area, that is growing at a very fast pace and we now know why.

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