Dacor Appliance Repair In San Diego

Dacor Appliance Repair In San Diego

Dacor Range of Home Appliances

Dacor, a California based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics(America), has been manufacturing home and kitchen appliances for over 50 years. The brand has come to be associated with first class technology and reliability, and its line of sophisticated, top notch appliances is testimony to this. From Dacor cooking appliances, to Dacor refrigerator and freezer sets, to Dacor dishwashers, to Dacor barbecues and assorted accessories, quality is ensured in every set.

Where Do We Come In?

Whereas Dacor’s reliability is legendary, it is by no means infallible. Perfection is awfully hard to achieve, and that is where Dacor Appliance Service comes in. When something goes wrong with your Dacor appliance, it is wise to call in the experts and let them handle the situation. The level of technology and sophistication in these machines make any attempt at home repair ill advised. Whether it is a busted fridge, oven, or even a simple-looking barbecue, it is best to call us immediately. This will help you in a number of ways:

  • You will avoid escalating the problem and incurring steeper repair costs in the future, as will any attempt at a DIY repair ultimately do.
  • You get to have your appliance fixed in no time at all, thereby helping you carry on with your day to day life without hitches.

Dacor Refrigerators and Freezers Repair

Even the best fridge or freezer might exhibit issues like: Strange noises, Leaks, Busted Ice makers, Fridge/freezer too warm or too cold, light not working among many others. If you do come across an issue that affects how your Dacor fridge or freezer works, it is time to call us. Our highly skilled team of technicians will troubleshoot the problems in no time, and will propose a quotation.

Dacor Cooking Appliances Repair

Dacor cooking ranges, range hoods, ovens, microwave ovens, cook tops, and other cooking accessories all into our professional niche. It could be a gas leak, malfunctioning range, busted oven light. However simple the problem appears to be, you can never know how far reaching it is. Cooking appliances tend to be especially sensitive because they involve cooking gas, or large amounts of electricity. So when that expensive appliance starts acting up, best to pick up the phone and give us a call. We will have someone qualified come to you in no time to assess the situation.

Dacor Dishwashers Repair

Dishwashers may exhibit a variety of problems:

  • Noisy
  • Leaking
  • Will not clean properly
  • Not filling with water or draining thereafter
  • Detergent not dispensing, among others.

Dishwashers tend to be sensitive and whereas many repairs look easy, success is not guaranteed and could actually worsen the situation. In this regard we strongly advise against a DIY repair and encourage you to call our experts. That way you get professional services that will ensure a long and impeccable operational lifetime for your dishwasher.

Dacor Barbecue Repair

Can’t get your Dacor grill to proper grilling temperatures? Is your grill producing a lot of smoke? Or maybe it just won’t light? These are just a few problems you might experience with your grill. As is the case with other appliances self repair is strongly discouraged. Grills are tricky: especially if the problem involves flow of propane from the tank (as many actually do). It could be a simple matter of cleaning your grill, or it could a much worse underlying problem. If you keep your grill in good shape and it is still acting up, it’s time to call in the experts.

Dacor Accessories

Dacor door panels,handles, kick plates and other accessory kits may from time to time require fixing, or oftentimes, complete replacement. In both cases it is always best to call us so that you can get professional fixing, or replacement as the case might be. You do not want a misfit door panel or handle on you, do you?

After an assessment has been done on your situation, a you will be presented with a fair quotation, upon which you can then decide to retain us for services or otherwise.

Whatever the problem may be with your Dacor appliance, call us at any hour of night or day using the contact information available in this website. Our customer care center is manned 24/7 for your convenience so that we can ensure same day problem solving. In case of an emergency we will of course get to you as fast as is humanly possible for your safety.

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