Liebherr Appliance Repair & Service

Liebherr Appliance Repair & ServiceAll appliances need constant maintenance and care, whether it is a complex remote controlled commercial refrigeration unit or a simple wine fridge for domestic use. For instance, freezers equipped with ice machines need to have their filters changed at least once a year. Similarly, commercial ice cream freezers need to have their coolant levels routinely checked to ensure that the unit is functioning at optimal levels. Even the best maintained appliances can breakdown, and when that happens it is important to work with an appliance service that can cater to your specific brand of appliance. Our certified, licensed and bonded appliance repair technicians are experienced at handling the most sophisticated commercial and domestic kitchen appliances, including the Liebherr range of high quality, energy saving refrigerators and coolers.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that every appliance is a unique piece of equipment, requiring specialized knowledge to maintain and repair. That is why we take great care to ensure that every one of our Liebherr appliance service technicians is factory trained and experienced in working with both the company’s domestic and commercial ranges.

Liebherr Domestic Refrigeration and Freezing Units

Liebherr fridges and freezers are known for their exceptional performance and energy saving features. In the domestic range, Liebherr offers both standalone and built-in units in a variety of sizes, including small mini-fridge and freezer units. All of the units can be customized by means of accessories such as bottle racks and extra drawers. Our technicians can work with you to ensure that all of your domestic Liebherr appliances are well-maintained and they can expertly handle any repair problem, from a thermostat replacement to a coolant leak.

Liebherr Wine Coolers and Humidors

Liebherr is also known for their high quality wine cabinets, coolers and humidors, all of which are equipped with precision temperature control. They are also designed to be exceptionally energy efficient and require routine maintenance in order to function effectively. However, as with any appliance, these units can break down occasionally and when that happens, it is important to work with technicians who are familiar with Liebherr appliances’ unique operating systems. Our trained and certified Liebherr appliance service technicians are well versed in the repair and maintenance of these units. Whether the problem is a broken heater coil, or a non-functioning cooling vent, we can get to the bottom of it and have it repaired in no time.

Liebherr Commercial Refrigeration Units

Commercial refrigeration is worlds apart from domestic refrigeration and when it comes to issues of maintenance and repair, it is crucial to work with a technician who understands this. Commercial refrigeration units tend to be far more specialized than those manufactured for domestic use. Liebherr’s commercial line includes freezers specially developed for the frozen food and ice cream markets. They also carry a variety of commercial refrigerators tailored for use in bakeries, which are designed to cool items at a slower rate. Other products include commercial freezers for use in catering establishments such as restaurants, and specialized freezer and refrigerator units for use in research and laboratory settings. Each product differs in terms of temperature control mechanisms and as such maintenance and repair protocols across the product range differ as well. Our team of technicians has the specialized training required to handle these products, which is crucial when dealing with unique product features such as remote controlled temperature monitoring and hot gas defrosting.

Service Guarantee

Whether you need service for a home appliance or a commercial freezer, our trained and dedicated team of Liebherr appliance service technicians has you covered. Apart from being factory trained to diagnose and repair problems across the full range of Liebherr refrigeration and freezing units, our technicians are also equipped to handle most repair jobs in one visit. We make sure that our technicians carry an inventory of manufacturer approved Liebherr spare parts on all call-outs, so that most repairs can be carried out on the spot. We also source any required parts from brand approved sources, to ensure that your Liebherr appliance continues to run at peak efficiency.
With friendly customer service, trained and knowledgeable staff, and affordable prices, we can guarantee that we are the best choice for all of your Liebherr appliance service needs. Call us now for the fastest and most reliable service in town!