Kitchen Aid Appliance Repair In San Diego

Kitchen Aid had been a trusted brand since its beginning in 1919. It was the first to create a stand mixer after an engineer saw a baker mixing thedough. Thinking that there’s a more efficient way to get the job done, engineer Herbert Johnston created the handy kitchen appliance we often use today. From there, the company has continued to build more kitchen appliances under its parent company, Whirlpool Corporation.

Providing a vast range of home appliances, the brand offers everything from refrigerators to grills to even warming drawers. The significant appliances they offer can be easily serviced by the experts at San Diego Appliance Repair. Here are a few of what we specialize in.

Kitchen-Aid Refrigerators

Many will argue that refrigerators are the most essential appliance you’ll have in the kitchen. And it’s hard to deny that. After all, the fridge keeps food fresh, preventing us from wasting money when food spoils.

Because they’re so important, we can’t afford to have them break down or malfunction. Refrigerators can cause our electricity bills to spike up if they’re not at top shape. So much can go wrong with this kitchen staple. Luckily, we provide emergency Kitchen Aid appliance service.

San Diego Appliance Repair offers solutions to problems such as:

Fluctuating temperatures
Leaking water
Clogged ice machines
Malfunctioning fans
Broken light

KitchenAid Stoves

Don’t let Instagram deceive you. Though many people love to post photos of their meals when they eat out, most people will still prefer a home-cooked meal. Stoves not only allow you to carry on with grandmother’s time-tested recipes, but you can even experiment with your own. Because you know what goes into your food, it makes it a healthier and cheaper option. However, you won’t be able to do all this with a broken stove.

We offer expert services that can get that Kitchen Aid stove up and run. You’ll want to get it done immediately too, to avoid any fire hazards and rumbling stomachs. SD Appliance Repair offer emergency services so we can help you even on the weekends and during holidays.

Common problems you may experience that we can readily fix are such:

Gas burner won’t light
Electric range burner won’t heat up
Stove doesn’t heat up evenly
The heat cannot be adjusted
Stove starts to spark

KitchenAid Dishwashers

These days, children need no longer bicker over whose turn it is to do the dishes. This time, they’ll fight over who loads the dishwasher. At least we get to save time as well as money for the water bill when we get ourselves a Kitchen Aid dishwasher. Their units offer some cleaning features, including their own designed ProScrub®option.

Our repair company can fix up the simplest Kitchen Aid model to its most complex. You need only give us a call, and we’ll send over an expert to take a look at your dishwasher.

Ring us up if you experience any of the following issues:
Unusual noises
Door latch failure
Dishes are not being cleaned or rinsed properly
Detergent or cleaning liquid cannot be dispensed

KitchenAid Ovens

Ovens have become an absolute must-have in the kitchen for people who want to really get into cooking. Imagine how much fancier that family dinner is going to be with a roasted duck, courtesy of your Kitchen Aid oven. With this home addition, you get such a more extensive range of possibilities in the kitchen.
But imagine your oven breaking down the night before Thanksgiving. Worry not, we provide Kitchen Aid appliance service even on the holidays! We can service a variety of models, whether it’s a single oven, double oven, or combination oven. Our experts have experience with special Kitchen Aid features that your oven may come with.

You may experience issues such as:
Broken timers
Ovens that won’t heat up
Overheating surfaces
Unusually long heating times
Malfunctioning self-cleaning features

KitchenAid Microwaves

Despite how much Gordon Ramsay may hate it in restaurants, microwaves are incredibly convenient at home. Use them to reheat meals, quickly defrost meat, or prep for a home movie night with some microwave popcorn. It’s one of the most-used appliances at home, asit can become an enormous hassle when it stops working.

Kitchen Aid has created several different models, and it can be troublesome to find someone who knows how to repair your specific microwave. That’s why San Diego Appliance Repair has trained its experts for some Kitchen Aid models: new and old. You won’t have to worry about getting flustered over the phone, getting confused with wattage specifications and measurements. Our technicians can fix it all for you.

Common repair issues we’ve seen with microwaves include:
Door jams
Broken timers
Smoking microwaves
Rotating disk stops moving
Food isn’t heating

Why Give us a Call?

Our business provides round-the-clock phone support for Kitchen Aid appliance service. That’s 24/7, 365 days a year. We have people standing by to answer your questions and schedule a repair. Likewise, we offer emergency services year-round so you can enjoy all your holidays with quick appliance repair.

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